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Girls Only

For any woman at any age

A safe space for all women and girls to work on their health, fitness & wellness.

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Legs - Bums - Tums - Arms

GO! Circuits

Core - Balance - Strength - Stretch - Form

The GO! coaches will help you with areas you wish to target.

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Fighting Fit - Clubbercise - Coretone - Circuits - Stretch


Pilates - Yoga - Zumba - Abs - Paracise - Senior Circuits

GO! introduces additional classes and workshops on wellness, mindset & life challenges.

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GO! has a circuit of 15 one minute stations.  8 strength training machines and 7 freestyle body conditioning stations.  This gives options of a 15 minute or 30 minute circuit workout!  When you have finished your desired circuit you can extend this with freestyle apparatus or GO! target sessions.  See below.

GO! has a dedicated team of experienced coaches to help tailor make your workout.  Whatever is best for you. WHATEVER MOVES YOU!

As well as circuit and target workouts, GO! introduces additional classes with outside instructors, such as  Pilates, Zumba, Yoga, Fighting Fit, Clubbercise and Coretone.  These take place when the club is closed for workouts.

GO! organises social events to get us all outside too! Walks, jogs, workouts in the park, fundraising events and Christmas and summer parties.

GO! also provides workshops on wellness mindset & life challenges.

GO! provides personal coaching for whatever you need to help you lead your best life.