Calling all girls and women of all ages! GO! is finally open! We have had a very sucessful first week, opening our gym doors for workouts on the Monday after our launch weekend! So here we GO!



Hello ladies – sorry it’s been a while and thank you to those who have contacted me personally to check progress.

We’re nearly there – so get ready to GO!

The plan is to have a launch weekend, the afternoons of Saturday and Sunday the 31st August/1st September.  The club will open fully for workouts on Monday 2nd September at 8.30am.

During the launch weekend you will be able to try the equipment and, if you wish, sign up ready to workout on the Monday!

I will be in touch to confirm with specific details the week before.

Looking forward to seeing you very soon!


The new floor is down! We have taken delivery of new strength training machines and installed other freestyle equipment. The brand new mirrors have gone up at the studio end. Various other deliveries are due in the next few weeks whilst booking systems, music, technology and training are put in place. Not long now ladies… its going to be a great end to the Summer!


Work in the GO! gym continues, we are close to finishing the painting stage and almost ready to move on to laying the brand new gym floor. Here are some pictures of our crew hard at work getting the space ready for you all!


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We have been hard at work getting the space ready to be decorated! Here are some images of the work in progress, click on the images below to see more! More updates coming soon! Keep checking back on this page for more!!


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Hi ladies. Great news! We have set our prices and decided opening hours. We also have a FAQ page which hopefully covers any questions you may have. If there is anything you think we might have missed then please email info@girlsonly.fitness

Please check here regularly for exciting news and pics of our progress!


Hello ladies. We are getting there! The searches are done and the lease is being finalised. There were other parties interested in the premises (not for a gym) so I’ve had to prove myself and the business which makes it all the more worth it. I promise you it won’t be long now and it will be girlfabulous!!💪💪 thank you for bearing with me 😍😍


A quick hello. As my last update was 2 weeks ago I wanted to keep in touch if only to say unfortunately the situation is still the same!  

The council are being really slow with the searches and I’m guessing with the Easter holidays I won’t hear any more until next week.  

As soon as I get in the premises things will happen quickly as I am lining everything up ready.   It’s taking longer than I would have liked but I didn’t take into consideration the length of the lease process.

Thank you all for your continued interest and support. Look here again for an update soon.

Happy Easter!


After an interview at the Town Hall last week, GO! has been approved for a small business grant! Every little helps – it will buy a few pots of paint! More so, it was a huge encouragement that the 2 chaps I spoke with believed in https://girlsonly.fitness 😃😃💪💪


Dear All

As it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve properly updated you, I thought I would let you know my progress, albeit slow.

Finally the premises are empty. The lease is with Solicitors and searches are being undertaken – it’s like buying a house – takes longer than you think! I hope to hear this week a timeline for when I can get the keys and then the hard work can commence.

I have been busy planning though. I have ordered some superb strength training machines and have quotes for a proper gym floor. This time has been good for me to think and brainstorm exactly how the gym should be and what it should offer you all.

There will be a circuit with options of a 15 minute, 30 minute or 45 minute workout. This can be combined with freestyle apparatus and hourly 15 minute target sessions – GO! Abs, GO! Legs, GO! Stretch, GO! Circuits. There will be dedicated coaches to help you decide what’s best for you or pushes you. WHATEVER MOVES YOU!

I have been in contact with outside instructors for classes such as Zumba, Pilates, Paracise, Belly Dancing, HIIT. There are also plans for outdoor and social sessions too. All of this will be gradually introduced once the club is open.

If you would like to join the closed fb group GO girls then follow the attached link for brief and more frequent updates.


Thank you for your support ladies, it is so helpful and much appreciated.

Very best wishes