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We are proud and excited to announce that Lona is introducing her very own brand of wellness services which will be available exclusively at GO!
Lona has pooled her knowledge and experience into a product she truly believes in. Her passion for wellbeing, both physical and mental, and her purpose to help people lead happier and healthier lives has organically lead her to this point.
As well as being certified in health coaching, in nutrition, nutritional therapy, NLP, CBT, metabolism, detox and mindfulness, Lona has also worked on the clinical side as a full time health screener related to heart disease, cancers, deficiencies and other chronic diseases. She soon realised that it is awareness and prevention that makes all the difference.
All of her experience has lead her to realise the effectiveness of accountability, liveability and tools to success – the most important being coaching.
So, Lona is bringing all of this together to offer one to one coaching to support you, with knowledge and power, to live your best life.
The launch introduction will be GO MEASURE UP FOR 2020!
Measuring progress and understanding where you are will not only keep you motivated beyond January, but will also commit you to achieve your goals. You can see first hand what impact exercise, healthy eating and other lifestyle choices have on our body. It is not about your weight, but what you are really made of!
The MEASURE UP! package includes:
Body composition analysis
Body measurements
Blood pressure and step test
Full report with follow up consultation and goal setting
£10 for GO! members
£12 for non-members

See a coach, call or email to book now.